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The London-based Kirkwood is one of a new generation of creators pushing shoe design to new extremes. The designer will be launching a combination of awareness-focused campaigns, including a celebrity-studded PSA, special events and limited-edition fundraising products. The proceeds from each sale will feed children through the WFP. Ecologically responsible luxury: The Green Carpet Challenge has teamed up with Gucci and the National Wildlife Federation to launch a collection of luxury, ecologically responsible handbags.

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Suggs will be in the studio for a chat as well as Dom Littlewood with some consumer advice and Lucy Siegle discussing the ongoing war against plastics. Here's the lowdown on tonight's show The year-old Madness frontman will have to mind his language, as he accidentally swore on GMB this morning!

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Well what a breath of fresh air it was to open the latest edition of Elle Decoration and find 18 pages devoted to eco interiors!!!! I was quite in awe when I googled her! As well as the ethical treatment of animals in the process of producing cheap leather, Lucy asks WHY do we want to fill our homes with such products?


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