Crossdressing traps

crossdressing traps
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Females crossdressing as males or pre-op female to male transsexuals are often referred to as reverse traps. Also, Midnight Bliss, the reason it only applies to pre-ops is that individuals are at least intended to be convinced that the "trap" is female and, should events progress in such a manner, if this individual sees the "trap"'s genitalia they will have been tricked, conned, hoodwinked and trapped. Reverse traps are females crossdressing as males crossdressing as females. This is a disambiguation-page, so intended to dab words that are spelled alike, but mean something different. A female intending to like like a biologically male "trap". The page should not dive into the meaning an sich.

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crossdressing traps

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See 'trap dipole' on google for examples. I don't know if it was removed or what, but I added the definition for the transsexual slang term. These two takes on the key issue each acknowledge the role but not that it is the sole role of any Dab entry namely, to disambiguate , which imposes two requirements:. It's the first definition in Wikitionary, as well as every other dictionary, and the first thing anyone thinks about with the term. These imply our requirement that.

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