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Normally, I slept nude in the summer or with a pair of pajama bottoms from late fall through early spring. Dad started snoring, and then something else happened. Mom purred a constant, throaty appreciation. Mom was surprised by my sudden withdrawal but I quickly caught her with my free hand so she wouldn't fall back and she didn't open her eyes. Returning my hands to massage her neck and the sides of her face and throat, I eased back a half step, forcing Mom to lean further back like she had before.

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As that thought filtered through my mind, I glanced his way but he was still lying on his back.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Leave a comment Comments My eyes were fixed on her tits, on that pair of long, stiff nipples. Granted I wasn't sure how this story would go, judging from it's title, but I really enjoyed it. As my fear melted away, my attention was once more captured by Mom's chest. What if I got a hardon again? Wife brushing lovely blonde hair. I gently prodded Mom to an upright position and pulled away.

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