Forced diaper messing

forced diaper messing
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What was I wearing - nappy knickers 5 layers thick , pvc plastic pants, a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. I couldn't even tell the difference been gas and poop. They give a strong urge to go when they begin working and easier to take than castor oil, but I admit I don't mind the taste of castor oil when mixed with orange juice, with the feelings of anticipation of what is going to happen. I usually take it after a late supper and go to bed, well lathered in Sudocrem and securely diapered. I was curious about that experiment.

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As a note , I am incontinent , and have been off work for 28 years, and that's why I am at home at all times.

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Forced messy diaper.

Has anyone ever tried anything like this. I will do whatever makes you happy,LOL.. On the third day, I would eat something really filling, like a large pizza. If using suppositories stop taking the Imodium three hours before. My Dom is was looking ways to make me mess my diaper so I can get used to it.

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