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She was such a good-looking girl, and when I finally get my thoughts together I turn towards her and as I do she turns and lays on her stomach. I could barely walk: I was at summer camp. I found out otherwise when my high school girlfriend gave me a blowjob in the driveway of her house. Bad news is it got all over her! She stays in the bathroom and puts on her clothes… wtf?

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We hooked up in the pit and she started to jack me off but then got into the crowd and the blue balls set in.

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Blue Balls: 24 Guys Share The Pain Of Sexual Frustration

It feels like brutal gas in your balls: It starts deep in my undercarriage and radiates there for hours. I thought they were going to explode! I wanted to see how long I could abstain from masturbating just like any other guy…. She asked what the pain felt like, and I said it was like an ache that went all the way up my body to the back of my right eye. I ended up getting to sleep after several hours of pain, and thankfully, they were gone the next morning. I nearly puked it hurt so bad: The day I lost my virginity.

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