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In Nagai's original manga, Honey Kisaragi is a student at a Catholic girls' academy, where she gets into trouble a lot due to her love of pranks. Her scientist father is murdered by a criminal organization called Panther Claw, and Honey learns she's not even human: she's an android, created by her father. Moreover, she has a device implanted in her that allows her to create matter from air--and Panther Claw wants it.

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However, there was an interesting surprise after the credits had rolled. The compromise was that the anime would be toned down for kids so that the brand could sell toys, but Go Nagai would have more creative freedom in how he did the manga. Perhaps feeling repressed by how the anime turned out, the manga ended up with a ridiculous amount of violence and nudity, particularly for a series that was initially planned for young female audiences.

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It picked my interest after I noticed that even though it has several versions or remakes they kept the original song and made it over and over again for each remake, everytime fitting just right. Cutie Honey Shin Cutie Honey

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Daiko and Akakabu rob a bank but the employees have the right to bear arms so the heist is scrapped. At Mayor Lights speech, he gives a good precursor to Trump about making things good and lighting the darkness Harvey Dent to but some liberals violent maniacs attack the event and kill a lotta poeple. Chokkei saves mayor light from an ae wielding moto-mutant and lands face first into Honey's large soft bust better than going facefirst into her a55! Danbei saves em like a robo while getting an axe to the head, but throws the axe at the invisible peeping spider, who reveals the guys Danbei hit only once still have hit points left.

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Cutey Honey has no Yuri? Well, you are both right…and wrong. Let me back up.

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The series has spanned three anime series, two OVA series, two live-action movies and a live-action TV series. Honey Kisaragia 16 year old girl who discovers she is a super android after her father is killed by Panther Claw. Panther Claw is an all-female organization, who desire Prof.

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A rather strange twist on the tried and true "super-powerful protaganist vs. Honey is joined by Danbei and Chokkei, a "bionically-enhanced" grandfather-and-son team who discovers her posing as the Mayor's secretary but not knowing she is actually a fighting android. It takes a skirmish from a villan-at-large to cure her "amnesia" and return her to fighting status.

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The series was co-produced with Gainax and Toei Animationdirected by Hideaki Annoand shown on the Animax satellite television network in The first episode aired on July 24, two months after the live-action film was released. A mysterious organization known as Panther Claw make their presence known by terrorizing Tokyo and giving the cops a run for their money. Police are further baffled by the appearance of a lone cosplaying vigilante who thwarts all of Panther Claw's evil schemes before disappearing.

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It follows an android girl named Honey Kisaragi, who transforms into the busty, red or pink-haired heroine Cutie Honey to fight against the assorted villains that threaten her or her world. One of the trademarks of the character is that the transformation involves the temporary loss of all her clothing in the brief interim from changing from one form to the other. The Cutie Honey franchise spans many works, including numerous manga series, three anime television series, two OVA series, two drama CDsand three live action adaptations.

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Warning: Some of these anime contain nudity and adult-like humor. Proceed with caution. It has been a long time since Go Nagai created Cutie Honey, the story of an android who lives undercover as a Catholic School student. When danger strikes, the blond and innocent looking Honey transforms into a red haired warrior of love with superpowers!


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