Vagina soap smells

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Showering every day with mild soap and warm water usually does the trick to feel clean and fresh in general, but if you have a vaginal discharge, itching, or vaginal odor, it may be caused by a change in the bacteria that normally live in the vagina bacterial vaginosis or by a yeast infection. Causes of vaginal odor are a forgotten tampon left in the vagina or not showering or bathing regularly. However, vaginal discharge can mean that you have a sexually transmitted infection, especially if you are having unprotected intercourse.

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That means all those "feminine hygiene" products out there—pH-balancing, douchingfeminine cleansing—are basically BS, says Lauren Streicher, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University. But your vulva —a. A few tips?

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Washing the vagina can lead to many problems. You might have heard that the vagina is like a self-cleaning oven — a pretty accurate metaphor. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists points out that your vagina cleans itself and keeps itself healthy by maintaining the correct pH balance and cleaning itself with natural secretions.

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Having a vagina is one hell of a responsibility. Vaginas are self-cleaning, but they have a pretty tough job to do, in part we often intervene and make it more difficult for them to get the job done. For that reason, spices, onion, asparagus, broccoli, sugar, red meat, and dairy can alter the normal pH level, producing a strange smell down there.

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Ready for some truth? All vaginas smell. That's right: It's totally normal to have some kind of scent down there, and no matter what soap commercials tell you, it shouldn't be a light floral one.

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As far as we know, people are not going out of their way to sell us probiotics to make our feet taste better, or repackaging wet wipes into being specifically to keep your knees fresh. Women do not benefit from untested products that are not supported by basic science and rely on destructive, patriarchal messaging. Despite advocates for steaming, douching and moisturising among other things the reality is that the female genital area needs no such bells and whistles to remain clean.

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You just had sex with someone new. But now something feels off. Maybe you were changing out of your work clothes and caught a whiff of something

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Vaginas are supposed to smell. In the meantime, here are six common vaginal odors and what they might be trying to tell you. Garlic, onions, or another type of food. Your breath isn't the only thing affected by a garlicky meal or a strong cup of coffee —fragrant foods can change your vaginal odor, too.

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Products to make the vagina smell better, and all products with perfume, can increase the risk of vaginal irritation. Your vagina is not dirty. A vaginal odor is normal and usually nothing to worry about.

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