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There is only one hard and fast rule when it comes to finally having sex with your crush: do it when you're comfortable. We expect nothing more, nothing less. Despite what your favorite sitcom told you growing up, there is no such thing as the "three date rule" in today's world.

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Underneath all that pre-date-night excitement is one anxiety-inducing thought: What am I going to wear?! But worry not! Just borrow inspiration from these stylish celebrities—behold, 20 easy, charming, and sexy date-night outfit ideas that will totally knock his socks off—and maybe a few other articles of clothing, too.

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Regardless of when you take the next step in your new relationship, it's important to dress accordingly if you have an inkling that tonight's the night you go all the way. Why does it matter? Frankly, sleeping with a new person is typically awkward, and it will only make it more awkward if you get stuck in your dress, have to discreetly remove your Spanx, get twisted up in your shirt… you get the picture.

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Our secret is finally out. We women are a nation of hoarders. British women own an average of nine bras each and stash half of them — a staggering million — in the back of their drawers, never to be worn, according to a survey conducted by specialist retailer Sweatshop.

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SEX on a first date can be frowned upon, but that doesn't bother Brit lingerie designer Elysia Downings. And she may be onto something, as experts now think having sex on a first date helps to kickstart a relationship and won't affect your chances of going long term. Despite being slut-shamed, Elysia believes there's nothing wrong with getting intimate straight away, claiming it's a great indicator of chemistry.

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Right out of that gate, abandon immediately any idea you have that the third date, as opposed to the second or the fourth has some intrinsic meaning. Everyone has heard the myth that sex on the third date is standard practice. However, there is no hard and fast rule that says that the second, fourth, or fifth date is the wrong time to close the deal with someone you have been dating.

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This Valentine's Day, most new parents are likely fantasizing about a full night's sleep, not bringing sexy back into the bedroom. A crying newborn, postpartum pain, endless breastfeeding and sheer exhaustion can make the idea of sex after childbirth seem outlandish to couples. Now, hoping to address new parents' common sexual concerns, a Halifax researcher has launched a new awareness campaign called Post Baby Hanky Panky.

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First, check your teeth for a bit of broccoli. Use the rear-view mirror if you must, as he runs into the Seven Eleven for you-know-what. Ah, dating in the new century.

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The league was founded in as the Lingerie Football League and was rebranded as the Legends Football League in The concept of the LFL originated from an alternative Super Bowl halftime television special called the Lingerie Bowla pay-per-view event broadcast opposite the Super Bowl halftime show. InLFL chairman Mitch Mortaza expanded the concept from a single annual exhibition game to a ten-team lingerie football league.


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