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The writer of that one fic about Prince Harry in a fake relationship with a mentally unstable famous actress? Reblogging so these handy links stay up on the blog now that the story is over. I am writing to talk about stories, Harry, and just life in general. Anonymous asked: Can I see a picture for David Cobb? Anonymous asked: I honestly don't know how many times i've said i love this story. I have started five new Prince Harry fanfictions since I finished FIUYMI, and my intention was to start posting as soon as I had a few chapters ready so I could do weekly updates without missing a bit.

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Elin. Age: 26.
prince harry naked tumblr

Fake it until you make it: A Prince Harry Fanfic.

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Cordelia. Age: 28.
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Prince Harry Naked Tumblr

UltraZen Theme by UltraLinx. I looked on the master post but it's not loading on both my laptop and my phone this would be David when he dated Jenifer. I don't know why but i just keep checking this page even though i read the epilogue as soon as you posted it. I do love the celebrity world so maybe I will! A lot of you are already following it and I love that you liked the idea! She played a character that doesnt exist in the original story.

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