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It's a side of Hillary Clinton sharpened by what you might call the default voice of Twitter: Sardonic, mildly bitter, unafraid to say what everyone else is thinking. Imagewise, the moment felt like a stake in the ground, a sign of new-media savvy at a time when many veteran politicians found the internet a mystifying entity. Hillary, and whoever still might tweet for her, has been good at that for a while. Is she laying the groundwork for yet another phase of a political career? It was proof not just that she could get a joke, but that she could toss it back in fluent internet-speak.

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And she tweeted a fake letter from John F.

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Two young Washington public relations hands launched a Tumblr blog featuring imagined text exchanges between this boss-lady version of Clinton and various public figures. Could she swoop into the field? She is casual, snappy, direct and less inclined to carefully triangulate every public statement. If you take the full measure of Clinton's career, her voice appears less as a reinvention than as a kind of solar eclipse: Without the candidate version of Clinton to dominate our view, delivering cautious speeches and walking rope lines, her online persona shines through far more clearly. It's the same voice her digital staff worked hard to craft in Hillary, and whoever still might tweet for her, has been good at that for a while.

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