Scally guys

scally guys
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I want you to knock me the fuck out. The irony is, despite all the grunting, Cro-Magnon manliness, most members specify themselves as bottoms. I like to meet up with a guy in a pub, have a few pints, and then go fuck in the toilets. Adidas is the most popular choice of tracksuit, particularly the Chile 62 model. Nearly everybody I spoke to echoed this sentiment. Because the tracksuit-and-sneakers combo is so commonplace, scally fetishists are likely to encounter dozens of unattainable cock teases every day. Everyone seems to be looking for an archetypical straight boy, and I wonder if the extensive use of ALL CAPS and poor spelling are all front, just superficial attempts at fitting into loutish stereotypes.

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Kimberly. Age: 29.
scally guys

Phil Hamill, the founder of Trackies.

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Avalynn. Age: 29.
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Scally Lads Are Gay Brits Who Like to Smell Stinky Socks and Have Sex in Tracksuits

Phil puts the figure at roughly 65 percent, but my own research suggests it might be higher. Most traced the origins of their fetish to their sexually formative years, when they began associating the people they were attracted to with the clothing they wore. Tracksuit bottoms tucked into white socks, sneakers, caps, hoodies, and clunky Argos gold are all eroticized by scally gear fetishists. Nike is the overwhelming favorite in footwear, specifically TNs and Air Max 95s. Shots focus on bulging tracksuit crotches, and hooded, shirtless men sprawl out in front of their webcams like gym-bound centerfolds. As I started fooling around with guys, I realized that their clothes turn me on too.

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