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Unfortunately, science hasn't cracked that code quite yet. We know, kind of crazy that inwhen we can hurtle across the world in airborne tin cans and send electronic messages in seconds, there's still no groundbreaking way to freshen up his spunk. With that said, there are still a few things you can try.

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Although a variety of factors are known to underlie the relationship between these demographic variables and nutritional intake, it is interesting to speculate that variation in food intake associated with ethnicity or sex may result, in part, from differences in the perceived taste of foods in these different populations. Thus, we initiated a study to evaluate taste responsiveness in different ethnic groups. Moreover, because of the known differences in taste responsiveness between males and females, analyses were stratified by sex.

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Thank all of the chemical compounds. What you consume on a daily basis — from certain foods to other substances — can change the compound composition, which will have a subtle effect on the flavor of your semen. That also means the taste can vary from person to person, so although semen is generally warm and salty, there will be unique differences in flavor. Diet does affect the smell of sweat, saliva, and other bodily fluids such as breast milk, so it makes sense to assume that diet may affect the taste of semen.

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Most ladies -- myself included -- have grimaced and spit out some sperm on occasion. But what about your own taste? Have you ever stopped someone from going down on you for fear of what their reaction might be?

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But a researcher named Jim Faust wondered whether that instinct could be changed, so he sprayed female rats with a liquid that smelled like a dead, rotting rat. When he put them in cages with virgin male rats, a strange thing happened. The drive to mate was so powerful that it overcame the instinct to avoid the smell, and the rats hit it off.

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Illustrations by Heather Benjamin. All illustrations by Heather Benjamin. It was true; I kissed her and my semen tasted like fruit juice.

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Sex should be fun, but it can also be complicated. Welcome to Sexual Resolutiona biweekly column by sex therapist Vanessa Marin answering your most confidential questions to help you achieve a healthy, joyful sex life. Here, she answers a reader who is having a hard time receiving oral sex due to her body insecurities. Have your own question?

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One such attempt was to make him drink wheatgrass before having sex in the hopes of remedying the issue — no such luck. Funky Spunk remained Funky Spunk. Not just from person to person, but even in the same person.

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The effect that pineapple has on oral sex depends on how often you eat pineapple, the impact of other foods in your diet, your overall health, and other factors. In general, eating fruit causes bodily secretions to taste sweeter. Anecdotal evidence and a few small studies indicate that pineapple might have the biggest effect. It's no surprise that what you eat affects the way you taste.


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