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Give it right back to him and call his dick small. You mostly sleep with women, but you're aroused by seeing men's large penises. If someone wants to refer to me as gay or bi because of my fetishes, then that's great. We post our faceless naked pictures online and we get off from other people's comments on our bodies. Some women do find smaller penises attractive and their SPH is flirtier. One is an ex-girlfriend, two are close female friends, and then there are two guy friends that I work out with and whatnot who are also bi. They love having that kind of power over me, especially the two guys, one of whom I've slept with.

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Emmalyn. Age: 30.
tiny dick fetish

With SPH, women are allowed to say what they feel with absolute confidence.

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Hallie. Age: 30.
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3 Men Talk About Why They're Obsessed With Their Small Penises

I find other men's bigger penises fascinating and a marvel to look at. It's a nice change of pace. When did you realize you were aroused by it? I'm single but I'm trying to get into a serious relationship with a close friend of mine who has participated in a group SPH session before. But with guys there's this mutual understanding of being a guy.

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