Xenoblade chronicles 2 warehouse

xenoblade chronicles 2 warehouse
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Kill the Ardainian Keeper in between the two short flights of steps and keep going. Walk up to the railing to find the Titan ship you need in the distance. Patroka and Mikhail [ edit ] Patroka and Mikhail are one of the trickiest duos in the game. The thief will summon four monsters. The thief took off to Goldmouth Exit Port.

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Rosie. Age: 20.
xenoblade chronicles 2 warehouse

After landing a few blows of Mikhail, a short cutscene will play and Morag will join your party.

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Karlie. Age: 30.
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Goldmouth Warehouse

As always, make sure to use your Anchor Shot to get potions to drop for you. Keep switching between the two as Mikhail makes himself invincible. Turn around to find the Work Observation Tower with guards on each side. Take the stairs to your left, turn right, then go inside an elevator and use it to proceed up. Turn left to find an ether miasma blocking your path. Pay the fare, then Skip travel to Lemour Inn to meet with your crew.

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