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buffy the body bio
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Willow returns and points out a vampire with a girl, which Faith reluctantly leaves to slay. At the airport, Faith sees this on TV, and, despite the fact she was about to leave, decides to go and face the vampires instead. Sign In Don't have an account? Afterward, Faith goes upstairs to take a bath. Buffy - "Oh, 'cause, uh, Ethan Rayne. Willow - "I'm sorry you're feeling blechy. At first, Faith is overly sexy and provocative; however, she is surprised to find that Riley is not interested in games, and that he wants to make love rather than just have sex.

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After they sleep together, Riley tells Faith that he loves her, which confuses and disturbs her own identity yet again.

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Who Are You?

The next day, Buffy and Riley talk, and Buffy realizes that Riley had sex with her while Faith was in her body, a revelation that deeply troubles them both. Once she realizes who Spike is, Faith speaks to him seductively and teases him ruthlessly, telling him all the things she could do to his body; when it is obvious that Spike is confused, yet attracted to her, she concludes by telling him that she won't do anything she could do to Spike " When I had psychic power I heard my mom think that you were like a stevedore during sex. As he starts talking about how Adam has shown him the way forward, Buffy stakes him from behind. She informs Willow, and then Willow and Tara prepare to perform a ritual to locate Buffy's real energy. The two Slayers fight and Faith gets Buffy on the floor and starts to furiously punch her face while screaming emotional abuse Buffy arrives at Giles' place and struggles to convince him of the truth about the body swap.

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