Hinata sakura yuri

hinata sakura yuri
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How are we going to go about this mission? Speaking of chapters, there will be five again, cuz I like odd numbers. We want to join your organization. Still, I don't know if me and Hinata are right for this kind of thing. I mean I've become more confident in my abilities and everything, and I don't feel like I'm as big a burden on everyone.

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Alianna. Age: 27.
hinata sakura yuri

Although that statement might be a little misleading, unlike my last three stories this one will have little in the way of action.

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June. Age: 23.
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First Yuri post

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Konoha's kunoichis are typically well trained. We really haven't talked all that much since we both became ninja. Once again, she had let down someone she cared about, and they would both pay the price for their mistakes. The organization then starts to transform the girls into criminals, while offering no protection of their life and no chance of escape. We want to join your organization. What I'm having a harder time excepting is your little companion there.

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