Bachelorette party tumblr

bachelorette party tumblr
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The details included in the invitation should mention to guests that they should arrive in Roman attire think togas! A bachelorette party can be a great time to act silly with the girls, celebrating the upcoming wedding. Keep in mind that this is a celebration for the bride so be sure that the games allow her to have fun too. Special thanks to Pamela Yager for this great video on how to make bachelorette party invitations. Bachelorette parties, since they are designed just for girls, are the prefect opportunity to use your creative energy and come up with a special theme. In this game, the bachelorettes turn the tables on men.

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If you are feeling a little crafty, this is a simple way to make some unique bachelorette party invitations.

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You an even have the bachelorette herself wear all the beads. If you are looking for a unique bachelorette party theme, try a Roman feast. One option is Mardi Gras madness, which can work well if you are planning a bachelorette party near Mardi Gras and use the holiday as a general theme for your party. How can you make your bachelorette party stand out? There are similar options of clothing to wear for Halloween, Christmas, or Mardi Gras, depending on when you are having the bachelorette party.

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