Boys in locker room showers

boys in locker room showers
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Now you're uncomfortable, because who knows if someone was looking over your shoulder and saw you open someone else's locker. Rajs says usually the culture of the club dictates the norm for nudity. Even though you may think you're a fine specimen of a man, this is not the time to parade around. Luckily, he didn't squeeze. And that's just rule number one. But it's kinda cool if it's true. Don't be that guy, because then there's somebody who doesn't want to follow the rules and you end up in a conflict.

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Mikayla. Age: 26.
boys in locker room showers

He had no right to "save" the shower, and I should have apologized and walked away instead of engaging him.

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Aubrielle. Age: 23.
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Are You the Gym Locker Room A**hole?

If you have to check your phone, Rajs advises doing it "inside your locker box" so no one will feel threatened that you might snap a photo of them. His nephew had been killed in Iraq and he was about to fly to Hawaii for the funeral. However, the two areas do share some general rules. When you're in the shower and other areas of the locker room, you should wear flip-flops. You get the captain-of-the-ship type, who wants to tell everyone what the rules are.

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