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teenage muscle morph
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A black material flows over your ever growing body to form a black singlet but leaves a hole around your member, exposing your stiffening cock. A red flash reveals the Throne room again. You jump, not expecting it and start breathing faster. The titan grins at his newest creation - you - his dumb, huge, servant. So when I got back from the gym last night, I took a picture of myself in the bathroom: Looks amazing, right? The titan walks behind you, as you mindlessly dumb bell curl. Do you think these fake muscles look pleasing or does it resemble tumors?

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Paige. Age: 23.
teenage muscle morph

And have an easier life being dumber.

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Mabel. Age: 29.
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Teen Muscle Morph 12

A few strides and he is towering over you. You wonder what is happening but you feel a cool sensation sweep over you as you grow taller. You look at your reflection again. The Titan smiles, as if he has already decided your fate. The same material washes around your face, making a hood.

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